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Lumiere Durham 2013

Keyframes by Groupe Laps

Keyframes by Groupe Laps. Photo by E. Artesero

Yesterday we drove from Manchester to Durham to see the light spectacular that is Durham Lumiere festival, probably one of the most prominent light festivals currently in the UK.

Its popularity showed, as thousands upon thousands of people were walking around Durham’s streets in search of the series of light-based art installations spread across the city.

We did not have reserved tickets for the central portion of the trail, so had to explore the outer pieces first. This worked out well as there seemed to be many queues for the central part, and had we started there first we might not have had time to go around the outer pieces.

Platonic Spin by Nathaniel Rackowe. Photo by E.Artesero

Platonic Spin by Nathaniel Rackowe. Photo by E.Artesero

Favourite pieces on the outer part were ‘Keyframes’ by Groupe Laps, a large collection of illuminated stickmen climbing the former Durham Miners’ Hall. Platonic Spin by Nathaniel Rackowe was a lovely patterned light sculpture going through sequences which drew out the space into lines and rectangles floating in the gardens.

[M]ondes by Atsara. Photo by E.Artesero

[M]ondes by Atsara. Photo by E.Artesero

The long wait to get in to the central part of the festival was worth it however, particularly for the illusory ‘[M]ondes’ by Atsara at the Cathedral Nave and The College. Lights like fireflies flitted across the gardens in a beautiful dance and hypnotic concentric circles and other projections formed the space into something quiet but magical.

Well worth a visit, but be prepared for crowds as the festival will only grow in popularity!

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Lumiere Durham 14th-17th November

Deadgood Studio 'Rainbow'

Deadgood Studio ‘Rainbow’ Lumiere 2011

Starting tonight and running each evening until Sunday is the incredible Lumiere Festival in Durham. One of the UK’s largest and most spectacular light festivals of the year, Lumiere promises to be every bit as exciting as previous years, and what’s more, it’s free to attend!

There will be some of the most innovative uses of lighting technology, from the most complex 3D projections in the form of a huge Elephant walking through the urban environment; and Crown of Light, video-mapping at its best on the cathedral; to simple technologies such as Litre of Light, which uses old plastic bottles and refracted sunlight to create a solar bulb bright enough to light up a home.

There will also be all manner of neon delights, stained glass cars, ghostly lit up dresses and musical tents. Perhaps one of the most impressive installations of the festival will be Solar Equation, an impressive simulation of the sun hung over the Durham University Science Site which will feature projections generated by live mathematical equations that simulate the turbulence, flares and sunspots that can be seen on the surface of the sun.

This year there are free tickets to the central part of the festival up until 7.30pm. This is to ensure that it does not get too crowded in the most popular areas at the busiest visiting time. Unfortunately all tickets have been reserved, however there are plenty of artworks outside of the central zone to visit before being allowed in without a ticket after 7.30pm.

I went along in 2011 and had a brilliant time. I wrote up my experience and pictures on my personal blog, which you can view here. I intend to go again this year and will report back for those of you unable to make it! However, if you are able to get to Durham this weekend, I certainly recommend you go.

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