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Going Ape in Buxton

Yesterday’s trip to Go Ape in Buxton turned out to be really fun. We had good weather, which tends to make these kind of things much more pleasant.

It takes two to three hours to go round the course – which comprises five “stages”. You’re given pretty comprehensive training on how to use all the safety equipment — the idea is that whenever you are up in the trees, you are attached to a safety wire at least once, and usually two or three times. On your harness, you have a pulley, which is used for most of the fun stuff like going down zipwires.

The highlight of the course is the “Tarzan Swing”, which involves jumping out of a tree into a net. You’re attached to a swing, but the first part of the jump is a mini free-fall. For most of the course, it’s quite obvious that you’re very tightly connected to the safety wires, but the Tarzan jump is a little different, because the safety wires aren’t so visible, and it really does feel like you’re just launching yourself out of a tree into thin air.

Go Ape isn’t particularly cheap – £30 for an adult ticket, but it’s a novel experience – and exhilarating. It also seems to be really catching on across the country. There are 26 courses across the country – many in forestry commission woodland – and all offer a similar experience up in the trees.

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Go Ape

We’re off to try out the Go Ape course in Buxton today. Go Ape is a forest-based adventure trail… it basically involves swinging from trees, traversing rope bridges, sliding down poles and that kind of thing.

I’ve previously tried out the Go Ape course in Whinlatter, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ll update this once we’ve survived the Buxton course!

Tom K

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