You could weave some great holiday memories into your New Year’s Eve celebrations by choosing to do something a bit different this time around and choose a holiday cottage get away for New Year.

It’s December, but it’s not too late to find somewhere, and here you can contact the owners direct, making it easy to find out what’s available, and to book it with the minimum of fuss.

Whether you fancy the countryside or the coast, a rural retreat or something a little busier, there’s plenty of choice, depending on the kind of New Year celebration you want to have.


New Year’s Eve in a Holiday Cottage

We’ve all heard that staying in is the new going out, but how does that work in practice, especially on what many consider to be the party night of the year?

Well, for one thing, it’s the company you keep: New Year’s Eve is a great reason to get together with friends and family for a bit of a knees-up. But also, in a holiday cottage, you can be together easily in a place that’s unique to you all.

Forego the complications of multiple hotel room bookings, or finding the right venue that will fit you all in and won’t cost the earth. Instead, cosy up together in a holiday cottage of your choice and ring in the New Year in a style that’s completely your own.


A Big Meal In

Depending on where you choose to stay, you might choose to head down to the local pub for at least part of your New Year’s Eve celebrations. Be warned, however, that places might be limited and if it’s a meal you’re after, you could be out of luck.

You could, however, choose to eat in – a dinner party puts you in full control of the proceedings and you can make it a real communal affair, with everyone contributing ingredients, preparation and cooking.

A night in doesn’t have to be a quiet affair, unless you want it to be. Centre your celebrations around your holiday cottage, let the wine flow, and be ready for the countdown at midnight.


Dressing Up… or Down

You don’t have to place limits on your imagination in a holiday cottage, just work with the advantages it offers: seclusion, a select choice of friends and/or family and the perfect setting.

Think of a fancy dress theme for New Year’s Eve – just be sensitive to local residents and don’t choose anything too outrageous.

Or, dress up to the nines for your communal meal in full dinner party regalia. It adds a certain something and will feel extra special in your holiday cottage surroundings.

That said, if it’s more your style to have a quiet, lazy, casual night in then what’s stopping you?

One of the great things about going away for New Year’s Eve to a holiday cottage is how it can take the social pressure off you. Just do your own thing, and if it’s a case of champagne with woolly jumpers and dressing gowns, then go with the flow.


Think Local

You don’t have to limit yourselves to the cottage you’re staying in. Check your local surroundings for New Year’s Eve events such as fireworks displays or local traditions.

Adopt a community for the night – you’ll often find people are amazingly welcoming on this special night of the year.

And regardless of what kind of night you’ve celebrated, you can blow away the cobwebs the next morning by walking in the great outdoors. There’s plenty of great country settings to choose from, or stretches of coastline.


Plan Your Stay

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