According to ABTA’s 2016 Holiday Habits Report, domestic holiday-taking is what mainly drives the growing number of British people taking a holiday.

Of the survey’s respondents, 71% said they were taking a holiday in the UK. This is an increase of 64% on the previous year.

The most popular holidays in 2016 were city breaks, but a substantial number of people, nearly a quarter of those surveyed, opted for a countryside break. One of the best options for doing this is by renting your own holiday cottage accommodation.

There are two things to take from this report: firstly, that a holiday in the UK is by no means a second-best choice, but is in fact highly popular, and desirable; and secondly, because of this popularity, if you are booking a countryside staycation, you want to make sure you book early enough to give yourself plenty of choice.


Why Go It Alone?

To a large extent, going on holiday is about the organisation, and how well you plan everything. However, once you reach your holiday destination, you may feel you want less planning rather than more.

In other words, you might prefer to set your own agenda, to manage your own time and resources, and have a more flexible itinerary.

The idea of the package holiday is a neat one, and it takes care of a lot of the planning, and worry, but it is not for everyone.

This is especially true of holidaying in the UK, where you’re more familiar with the culture, and the language, so are likely to require much less guidance.

You can make your own schedule and your own choices about what kind of holiday will best suit you.


The Benefits of Holiday Cottages

A break in a self-catering holiday cottage offers several benefits that help distinguish it from any other kind of holiday.

There is the convenience of not travelling abroad – no flights, checking in or that interminable hanging around in airport lounges.

It’s a case of packing the car and setting off.

Then you’ve got supreme flexibility once you get there. You set your meal times, when you want to get up, and what you want to get up to.

In terms of self-catering, providing you choose the right location for you, you can do as much or as little of it as you want. You might decide to eat out half of the time or more; or just stay in and have family-style meals but in a different setting.

Essentially, you set the pace.

Who goes on your holiday is also up to you. You might be a couple, a young family, an extended family, or a group of several families or friends together. With an enormous choice of self-catering holiday cottage accommodation, you should be able to find the ideal thing for your group.

Furthermore, you can decide how long you want to spend on your break, without being tied down by set days for checking in or out – many holiday cottages offer a more flexibility when it comes to bookings and the length of your break.

Finally, think about how you can have a complete change of scene while staying in full control of what you want to do. You can breathe in some fresh country air, go on amazing, scenic walks, and enjoy different places, communities and individual people.


Plan Your Stay

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