Does the thought of Christmas sometimes make you feel like getting away from it all? Then again, you’re also thinking of family and friends, and not spending it with them. And there are certain, familiar things about Christmas in that you love.

Here’s the ideal solution, a way to change your surroundings but retain the essential essence of your Christmas, and keep your loved ones close: a holiday cottage Christmas.

Wait, you say, because it’s already November, so haven’t you left it too late?

Well, in fact, no. You may not have quite as much choice, but there are still plenty of places available across the country, and plenty of time for you to plan your Christmas break.


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The Same, but Different

Get the family, and friends if you like, together for Christmas, but have a change of scene.

Imagine you all in a characterful cottage somewhere in the countryside, celebrating Christmas, or New Year, or even both.

You can enjoy rural walks or other activities, then settle down together at the end of the day, and enjoy a different Christmas break, but one where you’re firmly in control.

There’s something magical about having your own home from home in a holiday cottage – everything’s new, and different, but somehow, it’s comforting, as you build an instant familiarity with your surroundings.


Planning Your Christmas Getaway

First, you’ve got to find your cottage. As we’ve already said, you might be booking a little late on, but you’ll still find there are plenty of great places to choose from; whether you fancy something picturesque in the Heart of England, or on the South Coast, or somewhere a bit more rugged and untamed, such as The Lakes, or Snowdonia.

Think about what kind of a Christmas break you want, including how much activity, and who’ll be on it with you – kids will need things to do, for example.

Some cottages have a range of leisure activities nearby, or even on site, while others will be more remote.

If you want to eat out, naturally you’ll need to check in advance what kinds of restaurants are in the area and, over the holiday, what will be open. Booking will probably be a must, especially on Christmas Day.

Bring enough supplies with you – shops in many rural areas won’t be open as often as you’re probably used to.

Pack for the weather and the terrain, especially if you’re planning some post-Christmas dinner walks. Wellies may well be essential.

Other practicalities to think about include sleeping arrangements, and whether your cottage will be pet-friendly – if you want to bring the family dog on your Christmas break.


Christmas Decorations

Many cottages will provide their own decorations over Christmas, including a Christmas tree, but you might want to check first.

Also, you could see if the owner will leave decorations for the kids to decorate the tree for themselves, to build that special sense of anticipation, and make your holiday cottage feel truly comfortable, and Christmassy.


Plan Your Stay

To find your own, ideal holiday cottage in time for Christmas, visit our website, or email