Blackpool frequently comes out on top in surveys as Britain’s favourite seaside town. In many ways, it offers the maximum seaside town experience, from its amusements to its beaches, donkey rides and fish and chips.

If you’re planning a holiday cottage break in Lancashire, then put Blackpool on your itinerary, and let yourself loose.


Pleasure Beach Thrills

If you’re in search of the ultimate British amusement park then this is probably it. Full of attractions, the Pleasure Beach has rides for thrill-seekers, alongside its Hot Ice show and its themed Nickelodeon Land rides.

The Big One is the country’s highest rollercoaster, 65 metres tall. It starts with an almighty drop, then takes you through twists, turns and loops, reaching speeds of up to 85 mph. There are plenty of glorious seafront views along the way, though you may be too focused on hanging on to really appreciate them!

Other rollercoaster rides at the Pleasure Beach include Infusion, which is the country’s only roller coaster completely suspended above water; and Valhalla, an indoor ride that’s spooky, scary and exhilarating, all at the same time.

For a more traditional theme, try the Grand National. Now some 70 years old, this wooden ride takes you on a rollercoaster tour of the iconic steeplechase, from jumps and turns to the winning post.

Rides for the whole family include Alice in Wonderland and Wallace & Gromit’s Thrill-O-Matic, alongside more traditional dodgems and ghost train.

The Hot Ice Show provides plenty of edge-of-your-seat entertainment with its fast-paced choreography and displays of stunning skating.

For the full, immersive Pleasure Beach experience, you can get both adult and junior wristbands for a day’s unlimited rides.

Get Wet at the Waterpark

To add to Blackpool’s tally, it boasts the UK’s largest indoor waterpark. This means that whatever the weather – and we know what the British Summer can be like – or the season, you can enjoy splashing around in a tropical climate.

The Sandcastle has thrill-seeker rides, including colossal slides, but also family-friendly slides and wavepools.

There’s an all-inclusive wristband option, and a spa offering treatments.


Walk on the Iconic Comedy Carpet

Blackpool has various free attractions and one of the more recent is already fast achieving iconic status. This is the Comedy Carpet, one of the largest pieces of public art commissioned in the UK.

In the shadow of Blackpool Tower, you can stroll over numerous catchphrases, quotes, jokes and songs that celebrate Britain’s rich, cultural comedy heritage.

The Comedy Carpet features the words of 850 writers and comedians, and the letters range in size from being a few centimetres high to metres tall.

Inspired by traditional music hall playbills advertising acts, artist Gordon Young, working with Why Not Associates design agency, put together this entertaining, and frequently mesmerising, 1,880 square metre installation.

Explore Blackpool Tower

First opened as an attraction in 1894, Blackpool Tower is 518 feet tall. While it’s an historical construction, it houses five different contemporary attractions.

These are Jungle Jim’s Indoor Play Area, the Tower Circus, the Dungeon, the Ballroom and the Eye, at the top of the tower.

The Tower Ballroom offers a taste of the traditional, with its stunning Rococo-style surroundings, Wurlitzer organ, and afternoon teas.

From the top of the tower, the Eye provides stunning, panoramic views and the SkyWalk glass viewing platform – so long as you’re not afraid of heights!


Don’t Forget the Beach…

With all the attractions and entertainment on offer, Blackpool Beach sometimes takes a back seat in people’s plans. However, having been awarded its first ever Blue Flag, the beach is not to be missed.

The resort’s famous Golden Mile has three piers, including the North Pier with Grade II listed status. Here you’ll find the North Pier Theatre and a Victorian tea room.

The Central Pier has a huge ferris wheel, offering fabulous views across the Irish Sea; while the South Pier makes a great family attraction with its Blue Flag beach opposite the Pleasure Beach.

and the Illuminations

Founded in 1879, Blackpool Illuminations are an annual light display taking place every Autumn in the resort.

Switch-on is in September, and the Illuminated displays stretch for some six miles, using over one million bulbs. The Illuminations can be seen from the south end of the town, at Starr Gate at the Promenade, to Bispham in the north.

In conjunction with the Illuminations, the Blackpool Festival of Lights combines art, events and special installations.

So, if you fancy a visit to Blackpool after the summer season’s over, the Illuminations are the perfect attraction.

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