A self-catering break in a holiday cottage can free up your schedule, and your budget, but, obviously, you do need to consider the catering part of the equation: plan your food, including what you’ll need to take with you.

Eating In or Out?

So, on the one hand your holiday is a break from your normal daily routine, but on the other it requires a routine of its own. And a big part of this is eating.

Of course, it’s fun to eat out, but on a self-catering, holiday cottage holiday part of choosing self-catering is to do just that.

Some of this comes down to location. If your holiday cottage is in a remote area, or a small village, then beyond the village chippy and pub, your nearby options for eating out might be limited.

Also, if one of the reasons for choosing self-catering was to do with your budget, eating out, or even takeaway food, all the time, will soon eat into it.

So, if you’re eating your own food, what do you need to consider?

Reach for Your Recipes

Be prepared, as the old scout motto goes. So, if you have favourite family recipes, take them. Do a bit of recipe research for things like handy, one-pot meals.

Keep it simple though – unless you’re going armed with the contents of your kitchen cupboard.

And on this subject, if there are certain key ingredients you don’t think you can do without, then do remember to take them with you.

Think Local

Do you know what local shops there will be when you get to your holiday destination? Research your location, check for local amenities. And if you’re arriving late at night, have immediate food supplies with you.

Emergency meals are always a handy standby, particularly breakfast items such as cereal, tea-bags and instant coffee.

Don’t do a massive weekly shop on arrival, as if you were at home, because you’ll only end up having to chuck things away.

Your Holiday Kitchen

It might not always be clear exactly what you’ll find supplied in the kitchen in your holiday cottage, such as the size of the cooker, and what cooking implements are to hand.

It makes sense, therefore, to take a few essentials with you, such as a sharp vegetable knife, a tin opener and a corkscrew, along with some key items of cutlery. Don’t take your entire kitchen, but be mindful of what you might need.

Your holiday is an adventure, but while you should be adaptable, you don’t want to feel too restricted.


And Relax…

This is the most important point to remember. You’re going on holiday to relax. You’ll need a degree of forethought, planning and organisation, but don’t get carried away.

When self-catering you want to feel happy about your meal choices and, as much as possible, calm in your holiday kitchen.

Avoid feeling pressurised by having to prepare and cook food, and try and combine planning with a degree of spontaneity. Don’t overthink your self-catering.