Your holiday can be as virtuous as you want it to be, but for many people, green holidays are becoming a priority. And as demand increases, so it becomes easier to organise a greener, more environmentally-friendly holiday.

Staying in a self-catering holiday cottage can be a green option, and here are the reasons why.


Bringing it all Back Home

The UN’s World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) has called 2017 the year of sustainable tourism. Their focus is on how to make your holiday abroad greener. But in fact, a greener holiday can be something you achieve more easily when holidaying in the UK.

Some of the same guidelines apply: pick areas where you can walk or cycle, and visit local conservation projects. But you can do this on a self-catering holiday in a holiday cottage.

While an all-inclusive break abroad has its attractions, a self-catering break puts you firmly in control. This flexibility is great for going green, because you can choose exactly the kind of accommodation to suit you, and when you’re there, you can plan your holiday according to your needs and values.

Think Local

For your holiday to be a green experience, you need to be able to get the most out of the area you choose to be in. This means planning your stay around what’s on offer for things to do. And if you can be close to local shops and amenities, and help sustain them as part of your break, then all the better.

When it comes to getting about think about your options: are there plenty of things to do within walking or cycling distance?

Take it further and base your entire stay around walking or cycling.

You can also find out about local walking and cycling events held in specific areas and make these the focus of your holiday.

Plenty of holiday cottages are within easy reach of nature reserves and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). You can lend these conservation efforts your support by visiting them as part of your holiday cottage break.


Travelling to Your Holiday Destination

Obviously, this can prove a bit tricky: if you’re motoring hundreds of miles to your holiday cottage then you’re hardly limiting your carbon footprint.

However, many holiday cottages are located within easy distance of public transport links and networks. You might take the train, or combine your train journey with cycling to get to your destination – which would make even more sense if you make cycling the theme of your self-catering break.
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