Dartmoor picture by Flickr user Thierry Gregorious

Dartmoor picture by Flickr user Thierry Gregorious

The grass is always greener on the other side; apart from in the UK’s case, which appears to posses the elusive ‘green grass’. This comes as research finds visiting UK parks and gardens is one of the most popular activities for overseas visitors.

The research, carried out by VisitBritain, shows that 36% of all visitors are likely to enjoy some green space. Of the 31 million people visiting Britain each year, it might be surprising to find that around 2.4 million with a green space preference are aged between 25-34 compared to 1.4 million aged between 55-64.

The love of parks and gardens ranks ahead of visiting museums, castles or art galleries; but is beaten by going to the pub, eating out and shopping.

Sandie Dawe, chief executive of VisitBritain said: “We’ve completed three big pieces of research which all indicate that our parks, gardens and natural beauty are a valuable tourism asset, admired across the world and enjoyed by our visitors.

“It’s hugely encouraging to see our gardens are as popular with the younger generation as they are with 55-plus age groups.”