A rise in demand for wi-fi in holiday cottages comes as over two-thirds (69%) of parents work while on holiday, according to a new survey.

Despite the demand, 82% of respondents said they would rather not work while on holiday; however 71% believed it was necessary for their business, while 14% felt under pressure from their employer , and 6% were afraid of losing their jobs.

More than 500 people responded to the Tots to Travel survey, which focused on the work/life balance of parents with young children. Astonishingly, 1.7% of parents said they would only stop work for two hours on Christmas day, with 5% stating they would only take one day off. The numbers increase on holidays aside from Christmas, with 41% claiming to work five or more hours a week while on holiday, 68% take work calls during this period, and 78% check work emails.

Holiday company founder, Wendy Shand said the results amazed and disturbed her: “We have seen a trend in our business towards families going on holiday for shorter periods and at the same time an increasing demand for wi-fi. As business owners ourselves we appreciate that many parents feel the need to keep in touch with the office while on holiday but an astonishing 40% of respondents said they worked out of habit.

“As parents of young children I believe passionately that we all need to give ourselves a break, resist the temptation of the smartphone and ensure that even if only for one week we try to forget about work and spend time with our families.”

The need for an actual holiday from work is supported in a review by the British Psychological Society, published last year. It found that holidays had a small but significant effect on people’s well being.

However, not all respondents required wi-fi purely for work (only 9%), 71% wanted it for both work and pleasure, showing that it is not all work and no play. Although, having wi-fi available in a property did increase the likelihood of  a quarter of respondents working while on holiday, perhaps showing that access is too much of a temptation.


Do you work while on holiday? Would wi-fi in a holiday cottage encourage you to book, or put you off? Please post your comments below.