Rather than the traditional one or two week holidays, new research shows an increase in Brits opting to take holidays for one night away. These are scattered across the year in order to recuperate from work stress and overtime, and so as not to be away from pressing work concerns for too long.

The research by Travelodge says that close to 37% of workers are choosing a ‘nightcation’ – one night out of town to recharge their batteries.

The statistics also show that 1/3 of Brits are working two days unpaid overtime a week, with 40% logging on to work when they get home in the evening. That is not all, one in five said they check their emails when they first get up in a morning, and an astonishing 13% of workaholics stated that they regularly wake up in the middle of the night to check emails!

Overall, London and Liverpool are the most overworked, with an average of 11 unpaid hours overtime each week. However, if you live in Wales, Manchester and Belfast, those figures might seem a little steep with an average of just over seven hours unpaid extra work each week.

The research, supported by psychologist Corinne Sweet, says that as the country is in a time of rising unemployment there is often a greater pressure to perform well at work to keep the job, which makes employees less keen to leave work for longer periods to keep up.

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