Holidays tend to cost more in school holidays than in term time, so it can be a bit of a dilemma for parents when it comes to deciding when to go on holiday, especially when budgets are tight.

The temptation for some parents is to take their children on holiday during term time; however this may no longer be a cost-saving option as parents could face fines if they repeatedly take their children away during term time.

The drive is part of a drive by Education Secretary, Michael Gove, to improve attendance rates. As a result headteachers are likely to lose their ability to grant up to two weeks of ‘authorised absence’ each year. The discretionary absence is intended to cover illness, bad weather and bereavements, whereas it is sometimes used to cover periods of holiday during term time.

A review of school discipline and attendance by teacher and behaviour expert Charlie Taylor found that around 4.5million days of schooling are missed by pupils going on holidays which would be significantly more expensive if taken during school breaks.

A source at the Department for Education told the Daily Mail: ‘Any time out of school has the potential to damage a child’s education. That is why the Government will end the distinction between authorised and unauthorised absence.’


What are your views on these proposed new measures? Have you ever taken your children away during school term time? Do you feel it impacted on their education?