It isn’t good news for train companies according to a new major customer satisfaction survey. Passenger Focus‘s survey showed that on some routes three out of four passengers were unhappy. Main concerns were over the price rise in tickets, some increased by as much as 11%, which many believe do not offer value for money.¬†Ratings for punctuality and reliability had also worsened from previous survey results.

National Express, First Capital Connect and London Midland received the most bad feedback. The worst for value for money, with only 27% customer satisfaction, was National Express East Anglia’s Stratford line. However, West Anglia services only performed marginally better.

Overall, 84% customer satisfaction is the same figure as last year, however, as Passenger Focus chief executive Anthony Smith pointed out ratings for services only ranged from “mediocre to good”, and “satisfaction with value for money has gone down, illustrating the impact tough economic times coupled with fare rises are having.”

Michael Roberts, of the Association of Train Operating Companies, had a more positive view of the results: “Overall, customer satisfaction remains at a record high level, though the survey results by route show there is no room for complacency.”


What do you think about your train services? Are the price hikes in comparison to the level of service provided justified? Please comment below.