According to VisitBritain and published in Anholt-GFK Roper Nation Brands Index (NBI), the UK’s image overseas has significantly improved over the last year.

Notable improvements across a number of key indicators means that the UK now overtakes France on the overall rankings to become the third most admired country globally. Respondents’ views on the UK as a great tourist destination with rich historic landmarks and a vibrant city life has improved its appeal for overseas markets with visitors more likely to visit the UK if money was no object.

Not only this, but the UK is also seen as an interesting and exciting place for contemporary culture, jumping up two spots to fourth place with music, films, art, literature and sports.

Chief Executive of VisitBritain Sandie Dawe said: “This year’s NBI report provides yet another insightful score-card for the UK. It shows that the overwhelming perception of Britain is positive and that our image is improving significantly in many of the countries in which we operate around the world.

“Particularly encouraging is the news that China and India – two vital markets offering long-term growth potential for inbound tourism – rank the UK very highly as an aspirational destination. It is our ambition to attract an additional four million overseas visitors over the next four years, and that will mean turning these positive perceptions into new arrivals.

“All this underpins how important it is for VisitBritain to increase our efforts over the coming year if we are to continue to climb up the world rankings and make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead.”