Water fight picture by Flickr User Jeff Sandquist

Quick, take a few days off work this week if you can to enjoy the Indian summer we’re having! It looks as if this sunny weather, with temperatures reaching 27C (80F) in some parts of the UK, is only set to last one week as the country is bathed in warm weather blowing in from the continent. After one of the worst summers for 20 years, we will be able to appreciate a little of what it could have been, if only for this week.

So, this has inspired me to write a top ten list of things that you can easily do on a whim while the sun is shining!

1. Have a picnic in your local park

2. Play tennis

3. Visit an outdoor pool

4. Make your own mini kite (very easy with some tissue paper and string) and fly it in the park or your garden

5. Go for a bike ride

6. Gather your friends for a water fight

7. Have a BBQ

8. Head to a theme park, such as Alton Towers

9. Laze in your garden with a good book and a cool drink.

10. Book a last minute holiday cottage with Holiday Cottages!

There are many other things you could do of course, so if you have any other ideas, please leave them as a comment below as we’d love to hear them!