It seems that we Brits either haven’t noticed or aren’t bothered by the possibility of an 11 day break by taking a couple of days off work around the Royal wedding.

A survey compiled by travel add-ons company found that 76% of us aren’t bothered or haven’t realised it was possible. It showed that less than one in six people planned to create an extended break, and that just 16% of men and 20% of women had done the maths and taken advantage of it.

These findings are contrary to the initial fear that many holidays would affect small businesses and the slowing UK economy.

Head of product innovation and development at Anthony Clarke-Cowell said: “It is surprising that more people aren’t taking advantage of this extended break but employers must be breathing a huge sigh of relief. The three short business weeks combined with workers taking 11 day holidays could be crippling for small businesses who are already struggling in a tough economic climate.

“It’s estimated that bank holidays cost the British economy six billion a year so surprisingly it’s not necessarily a bad thing that most Brits won’t be turning the three consecutive bank holidays into an extra-long holiday at the expense of employers.”

All you need to do to get the 11 days off is to book the three working days off between Easter Monday and the royal wedding on Friday April 29. That way, you will be off work between April 22 and May 3. This could be an ideal time to start looking at holiday cottages!