Recently the evenings have been staying light a little bit longer, signalling the onset of Spring. With this and a little bit of sunshine I’ve certainly been a little happier and have noticed people in general have had more of a spring in their step! Even better news could be on the way this Friday as the government finally unveil the long-awaited ¬†tourism strategy.

Details are being kept under wraps for the moment but it’s widely believed it will contain a recommendation to push the clocks forward an extra hour in the summer to put Britain on the same time as continental Europe.

Prime Minister David Cameron is believed to support the move, which could boost the UK economy by £3bn from increased tourism and leisure activities.

An hour’s extra daylight in the evenings would also cut energy consumption, which is great for the planet and for saving money, say supporters. Some parts of the UK including Scotland are not so keen however; Farmers are concerned it would affect their working patterns and parents think darker mornings will endanger school children.