Caerphilly Castle photo by Flickr user Scott Kuperus

Castles are more popular to visit than where the Queen lives, according to a VisitBritain survey.

 10,000 foreign tourists were asked what they would most like to do in Britain out of 18 choices. 34% said they would like to look around a historic Welsh castle with 32% then picking Buckingham Palace as their favourite tourist trap. 29.1% wanted to spend a night in a Scottish castle, 28.9% want to watch the sun rise at Stonehenge, 19% want to watch a premier league football match and 19% shop in Harrods.

The survey also separated the nationality of the respondents, finding 25% of South Koreans keen on Buck House and 18% to see any Harry Potter location. The Poles, Russians, Italians and Germans were the most excited about touring the Welsh castles. 39% of Italians, 35% of Americans and 32% Egyptians who were most excited about watching the football.