It’s a few days in to the New Year and I’d like to wish all readers of the blog a Happy New Year on behalf of all at Holiday Cottages!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas as well as New Year and haven’t been caught up in any of the travel chaos or lack of water. Soon I’ll do a round up of some of the top Holiday Cottages blog posts throughout this year, in case you missed out on any corkers.

But for now, let us indulge in thinking of the holidays gone by, and ignore the fact that most of us are back at work today. I spent most of my holiday period at home in Yorkshire, where I ate far too many mince pies, crackers and cheese. I was fortunate enough to get a DSLR camera so took lots of pictures of the Christmas tree as you can see here.

To keep the holiday spirit going, we’d love to hear from you about your holiday period, what you got up to, where you visited and if you went to any of our holiday cottages. Also, please include any links to pictures of cottages and beautiful scenery so we can all get a feel for where you’ve been.