With the new year comes more cuts and higher prices unfortunately. There is a Government loophole which means rail travellers will see huge price rises on the most popular routes as companies take advantage.

From the new year, train operating companies are allowed to raise fares across the board by 5.8% but the Government has not stipulated which routes it will allow price rises on and which price drops, so of course companies can now raise prices on popular routes and cheapen the less popular ones.

The hardest hit will be those travelling with First Capital Connect as there will be price hikes of 46.2% on some routes. A monthly ticket from Hornsey to Stevenage will rise from £194.40 to £284.20.

Virgin Trains will put up the cost of an average season ticket by 5.8%, Southeastern will put fares up by 12.8 % while Southern will boost the cost of a season ticket from Eastbourne to London by 7.8%.

In a time when weather conditions are bringing travel to a standstill, trains and planes are cancelled and also criticised for their lack of preparation to prevent cancellations, it is a shame that such large price increases are going to be implemented.

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