Skyscanner has been monitoring interest in flights to Britain around 29th April, the day of Prince William and Kate’s wedding, and has compiled a top ten of nationalities wanting to come to the UK to join in the spirit of the occasion.

Possibly unsurprisingly the French don’t even feature, not bothered by the fuss at all. The Dutch, however, are at the top of the list, not able to get enough of it! Skyscanner noted a 708% increase in London searches by people from the Netherlands since the wedding date was announced.

The Americans are also frantically searching for flights to this fair isle, and as the only long-haul destination in the count down, came second. Skyscanner reported a 650% increase in searches to the UK in the same time period.

Next up was Germany, (295% increase) followed by Croatia (260%), Denmark (253%), Cyprus (250%), Austria (143%), Italy (133%), Switzerland (100%) and Spain (91%).

The chief executive officer of Skyscanner Gareth Williams said: “We have witnessed a significant increase in searches following the announcement of the royal wedding holiday. Funnily enough it seems that Brits aren’t as loyal to the royals as some of our neighbouring nations as we have also seen a 275% increase in searches from Brits looking to make the most of the extra holiday and escape the UK and the wedding hype.”

So, will you be staying or going?