So the date has been announced and contrary to popular speculation the wedding will be on 29th April 2011. This date will have many people rejoicing as it has been announced as a public holiday and comes after the Easter holidays and just before the next Bank Holiday. This means that, including weekends, workers will only have to go in to work three days out of a period of eleven. Many, however will take this opportunity to book off those three days to have a nice long holiday!

Some people are moaning that this is a bad case for businesses, but for the UK holiday cottage market this will be a brilliant time of boom! The weather at that time of year is often rather lovely with the first signs of sunshine that always gets our hopes up for a hot summer to come.

The date has been talked about in many of the papers and online so far already, so I imagine people will be booking their time off work and looking for a holiday cottage, so get in quick for the best deals on our main site go soon! Remember that we have holiday cottages across the UK, so if you can think of a place, I’m confident we’ll have a cottage there or close by! If you’re looking further afield and plan to travel abroad, our sister site, has a large array of holiday villas also!