Will these be scenes we'll be seeing outside our windows? Picture by Flickr User gruntzooki

Remember last year’s winter weather? It was bloomin’ freezing, and this year it’s set to get pretty chilly a month earlier!

Parts of the country had a taste of the first freeze last week with snow falling in Co Durham and parts of Scotland. This week the rest of the country is going to be hit with the eastern side of the country set to take the largest battering of the cold. London is expected to get its first snow on Thursday and Scotland will see around six inches of snow in some places.

The rest of the country has a risk of snow but nowhere is going to avoid the plummeting temperatures to around 6C during the daytime and -0C in the evening as winds from Russia push down.

“The coldest weather of autumn so far is coming down from northern parts of Russia and the Arctic. It brings the threat of snow on Thursday and Friday, mainly to the eastern side of the country.” said Met Office forecaster Tony Burgess in today’s Metro newspaper.

He added: “It will be cold – we’re talking about daytime maximums in many areas down to 2C by Friday. Scotland will be cold and could stay sub-zero during the day, particularly over higher ground.”

People should be careful driving on icy roads and walking on slippery pavements in this weather. Meanwhile, schoolchildren will be keeping their fingers crossed for the level of snow we got at the start of this year for some days off school to go sledging!