Love it or loath it, Royal events do make an impact on tourism and the latest announcement of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement with the wedding set to be some time in the new year means a boost for UK tourism.

The date for the wedding has not yet been set, but is planned for Spring or Summer. The overseas travel industry will hope that a date is set soon for a Spring wedding so that there is less impact on next year’s bookings. However, according to the calendar of Royal events, August looks like the most likely month which may mean Brits will delay their holidays, or take them in the UK, which is great news for UK tourism.

An ABTA spokesman said: “This is the best possible showcase for the UK as a travel destination and will present great business opportunities for inbound and domestic tour operators and for ABTA travel agents wanting to sell packages to London.”

Sandie Dawe, chief executive of VisitBritain, said: “This is absolutely wonderful news for William and Kate. It will also be an enormous boost for the British tourism industry.

“Our research indicates that in a typical year the places, events and history associated with Monarchy generate well over £500 million in revenue for the British tourism industry. We would expect that in a Royal Wedding year we would do even better than that.”

Mary Rance, chief executive of Ukinbound added: “Yesterday’s announcement of the Royal Engagement between Prince William and Kate Middleton is not only fantastic news for the couple and their respective families, but could also be a cause for celebration for the UK’s inbound tourism industry.

“All eyes will be on London as the marriage will be broadcast to hundreds of countries worldwide and millions will descend upon the city to be part of the festivities, providing a vital boost to visitor numbers.”

 Will you delay your holiday or take a break in the UK because of the wedding?