London has made it into the world’s top ten list for pickpockets. The top ten, compiled from a survey by Trip Advisor, included all European city destinations such as Barcelona (which made the top spot), Rome, Pairs and Madrid.

The findings list popular visitor locations which inevitably will attract thieves so shouldn’t put potential visitors off, as Trip Advisor’s Emma O’Boyle commented: “All these destinations offer a great experience and Brits should not be put off visiting.”

“This index simply reinforces that extra care should be taken, especially in the busier tourist areas. By taking some simple precautions you’ll be able to enjoy a fun and hassle-free holiday wherever you go.”

Tips to prevent pickpocketing and other types of theft are to wear bags that sit across your chest or under your arm and to avoid leaving your bag next to you on a chair while in a bar or sitting at outside tables as these are easy to swipe. Also avoid carrying all your most valuable possessions in one bag and try not to carry lots of cash or your passport unless absolutely necessary.