In an attempt to cut the £5million rail industry subsidy, the Department of Transport want to allow train companies to charge up to 10% more for travellers season and saver tickets.

Currently, train companies are allowed to charge prices of 1% over next month’s retail price index; but this method may be at risk which will mean that companies could charge a far higher rate.

In a quote in the Telegraph, Anthony Smith, chief executive of Passenger Focus, the rail watchdog, said the rises would penalise commuters.

“This is a return to the bad old days of double-digit fare rises. It will hit commuters and season ticket holders hardest, passengers who have no choice but to travel by train – they are a captive market,” he said.

Philip Hammond, the Transport Secretary, has suggested that perhaps better-off people who are entitled to free travel at the moment start paying again in order to help tackle Britain’s financial problems.