More good news for the  benefactors of the ‘staycation’, a term coined last year when more and more Brits decided to take their holidays at home in the UK because of the economic downturn. It seems that the recent disruption to flights caused by the Eyjafjallajökull volcano is set to deter as many as one in five Britons from travelling abroad for their holidays this summer, according to travel analysts at Mintel.

Their research found that 4.7 million Brits have yet to decide whether to risk leaving the country for this summer’s holidays, while a further 2.4 million have decided to definitely holiday here.

Another 1.2 million people say they’re concerned about using budget airlines, and still more are planning to use rail and ferries to travel across Europe if they do decide to travel abroad. Bad news for the already unstable airlines’ economy.

Given the dire warnings about the economy from new Prime Minister, David Cameron this week, those that do stay to holiday at home will be helping to mend the deficit caused by the banking crisis and recession.

If you’re one of the 2.4 million that are definitely staying at home, we’d be interested to know where you are considering taking your summer holiday? Will you be staying in a holiday cottage? And if you’re going to do some sort of activity, what are you going to do? Please leave a comment below.

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