Global warming at work?  Perhaps, if the next few days’ weather predictions are anything to go by!  Just as we change the clocks for British Summer Time, looking forward to lighter, sunnier evenings, a prediction from the same company that has predicted a heatwave summer (reported in my last blog) has announced that over the next few days we are going to return to the cold winter weather of the start of the year.

Northern England, Scotland and Wales are due to have a smattering of snow over this evening through to Wednesday when temperatures are set to rise slightly, but alas over the Easter Weekend it is predicted to be rather damp and cold.

Positive Weather Solutions senior forecaster Jonathan Powell said: “Mid Atlantic air which has seen temperatures comfortably into doubt figures across most of Britain will be replaced by this Arctic air on Monday.”

“Good Friday will be rather damp. It will be drier with some sunshine around and temperatures will stage a bit of a recovery.”

So with these predictions in mind, will those of you who are going on holiday this Easter be changing any of your plans? Or have you factored in the ever-changing British weather into your holiday?