Another strong year is predicted for domestic tourism, making it one of the few industry sectors to benefit from the recession. The results of new research show that 70% of people are likely to book a UK holiday in 2010.

The appeal of domestic holidays also appears to be strengthening with 31% feeling the UK is becoming more appealing as a destination, compared to 25% in 2009. As many as 39% now claim that they are seriously considering taking their main 2010 holiday in the UK – up 10 percentage points from the same time last year.

The continuing strength of the euro and a growing feeling of disillusion with air travel are at the root of this sustained appeal with holidaying at home, according to market research agency BDRC Continental which conducted the survey amongst 1,005 people earlier this month.

Families are at the heart of the ‘staycation’ increase and have been quick to commit to holidaying in the UK again in 2010. They are also more likely than those without children to claim that they will stay in self-catering accommodation and take a seaside/beach holiday.

The research company’s tourism, travel and leisure team director Steve Mills said: “The UK holiday industry stumbled upon a huge opportunity in 2009 to demonstrate what it can offer to a lost generation of holidaymakers. The good news is more and more people are deciding to holiday at home again this year and are enjoying re-discovering what’s on their own doorstep.

“The UK tourism industry needs to continue to focus on delivering two key components to ensure it takes full advantage of this trend and makes Britain the destination of choice in the future – and they are value for money and quality of service.”

The BDRC Holiday Survey found that self-catering and seaside holidays are once again likely to prove popular in 2010.

* 25% of those who intend to take a UK holiday this year are likely to opt for self-catering accommodation.

* Despite the weather, the British public is keen on the beach. 38% of all UK holidays already booked for 2010 are seaside/beach holidays

*Next are rural/countryside holidays (33%), city/town breaks (28%) and activity/adventure holidays (13%).

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