Most UK business travellers favour investment in high speed rail over expansion of airports, a new study shows. A poll of 1,240 corporate travellers found that 70% feel a high speed rail network should be the priority for government investment over expansion of capacity at UK airports.

Sixty six per cent of business travellers indicated that they would switch from flying if the trip was faster by rail. More than half (56%) said they would switch if there was a direct route and 55% if rail was cheaper than the alternative.

The Guild of Travel Management Companies’ survey showed that around half of business travel is in economy class on scheduled airlines, with 20% using no frills carriers.

I would imagine that the results from this survey not only reflect business travellers but anyone who travels around the UK. I think that being able to travel from one end of the country to the other in a matter of a couple of hours would encourage even more people to holiday at home in the UK and increase the recent trend for the ‘staycation’ giving it more longevity than purely over the recession period.