It’s hard not to avoid talking about the UK’s ‘big freeze’ as the weather keeps its icy grip on the nation.

Temperatures have dropped to as low as -18C in some places, whereas most areas have fluctuated between -8C and 0C. These conditions are predicted to stay the same for up to a week, causing more chaos on the roads and many schools remaining closed.

The National Grid has issued a further gas alert with demand set to hit 454 million cubic metres on Thursday, a new record. A spokesperson said that the supply shortfalls from the Langeled pipeline from Norway were down to technical errors.

Up to 25,000 homes in the UK have been left without electricity because of trees falling on power lines and ice weighing down cables for safety mechanisms.

These extreme conditions mean that it is important to build up a sense of community spirit as there will be many people who will find it almost impossible to leave their homes to get simple things like basic shopping, so will undoubtedly appreciate help from those who are able and willing to run these small errands.

From personal experience I have found that the people in the set of flats that I live in have been making sure to check on those who may find it hard to leave their home in the weather and have clubbed together to go to the shops to pick up supplies, and have also been clearing paths of snow to make access to the flats easier. I have met more people during this snowy period than I have since first moving here earlier last year and it is certainly nice to see such community spirit. Perhaps readers of this blog would like to share similar stories in the comments section to show that it is not all doom and gloom in the snow at the moment!

 Also, don’t forget to post your snowsculptures in the previous blog! I know there are some great things being created in the snow at the moment so it’d be nice to see them together!