First and foremost, happy new year from the Holiday Cottages blog!

The first week of 2010 brings with it a barrage of snow and icy weather, causing havoc on the roads and stirring up many public debates regarding the organisation of gritting roads on time and the grinding to a halt of some public transport. I, however, would like to steer away from the doom and gloom on the news for the first blog of 2010, and focus on the fun that can be had in the snow!

I can’t imagine a more perfect time to be huddled up in a holiday cottage in some beautiful location in the UK, taking the time to go for walks in the wintry weather or perhaps playing in the snow. 

 If any of you have pictures of some snow sculptures or just beautiful snowy landscapes from around the UK, please post them in a comment on this blog as it would be wonderful to see what’s going on aside from the crisis on the roads. In order to show the pictures on the blog it may be best to post a link to a web-based site such as If these appear purely as links not to fear, I will gather them up and create a new post for all the pictures. So get posting!

To kick start some inspiration, here is one of my own creations:

    Snow Christmas Tree (30) Snow Christmas Tree (25)