It’s been reported that guests are becoming more concerned with accommodation’s eco-credentials, according to a pan-European survey. Almost a third of respondents would choose a known ‘eco-friendly’ hotel if it was offered by a popular online booking system.

The poll of 5,000 people found that more than half (54%) say sustainable energy sources, such as wind, solar or hydro-electric power, should be used. Nearly two thirds (65%) say all hotels should install toilets designed to save water.

This demand for green credentials is reflected in guests’ own behaviour when on holiday, according to the study by Samsung Electronics:

  • 76% are as conscious or more conscious of the impact they have on the environment when staying in hotels compared with their behaviour at home
  • 88% switch off the lights when they leave their hotel room
  • 63% reuse towels more than once
  • 59% still switch electrical equipment off at the base

Samsung Electronics Europe B2B sales and marketing director Pammi Mudhar said: “Environmental awareness is on the rise and playing an increasingly significant role in the hotel booking process.

“Hoteliers can appeal to the ‘green’ consumer by responding to their expectations; putting in water-saving toilets, using sustainable energy or installing eco-friendly appliances like energy efficient flat screen TVs.”

 We assume that these positive figures will also be reflected in those who rent holiday cottages and might encourage people to not just be more ‘green’ when on holiday but also at home.

We’re also seeing more companies tailoring solutions towards holidaymakers who want to continue being green when they’re away at a holiday cottage — for example, we reported earlier this month that T-Mobile have released a new mobile phone app aimed at finding a recycling point nearby — useful if you end up with a few wine bottles to dispose of at the end of a cottage holiday.