Stonehenge Landscape by PlassPhoto.

Stonehenge Landscape by Flickr User Plassphoto

Stonehengehas been voted the top British iconic landmark in a poll of 2,500 British young people. Second place was awarded to Hadrian’s Wall followed by The London Eye, according to a survey of eight to 15 year olds.

Edinburgh Castle achieved fourth place in the top ten list, with Buckingham Palace in fifth and The Tower of London in sixth place. The only natural landmark to make the top ten list – The White Cliffs of Dover – took seventh position with eighth place awarded to The Angel of the North. The last two positions to make the top ten list were Blackpool Tower and St Paul’s Cathedral.

If this poll is anything to go by then there are plenty of places in the UK that children enjoy visiting, which is a great thing now that many people are turning to ‘staycations’ in these uncertain financial times.