Linking to HolidayCottages availability calendars from your own site

If you have your own website, you can link directly to your availability page from your site. Visitors to your site will then be able to click through to view availability for your property.

Why build an availability calendar on your web-site?

It is cheaper and easier to link the Availability page from you ‘’ property page.

Each calendar has its own unique web address. Just add this address as a link to your own web-site

Please follow the easy steps below:

Please note: To perform this operation you need to be able to understand and have access to the underlying code of your site. If you are not sure, pleas ask the person who administrates your web-site.

Regarding your Availability page: It is assumed that the Availability has been activated before continuing to the steps below. If not please log in to your ‘’ customer account.

Step 1

– Go to ‘’ home page.

-Type your reference number in the ‘Keyword search’ field.

– Click ‘Search’

Address Bar:

Home page

Step 2

Your property listing should have appeared on the top of listings page.

– Click to go into it.

Address Bar:


Step 3

You are almost there. At this step you should be in your property page.

– Click ‘Check Availability’ on the top of the page.

Address Bar:


Step 4

That’s it! You are in your Availability page.

– Use the contents of your browser’s Address Bar on this page.

Address Bar:


We’re also working on availability calendars which can be embedded directly into your site. We’ll let you know via the blog and advertiser newsletter when this is up and running,

Holiday Cottages Team